Engine Braking on 06

Can anyone comment on the engine braking of the 06 YZ450 as compared to the 06 CRF450?

I'm a two stroke rider thinking of making the switch.


I was a 2 stroker and made the switch. Surprised at first at the power but now i cant ride my two stroke efficiently. The engine breaking is too much at first but not like the 426s and 400s. Its cool to use your engine to slow down when going down steep stuff. Plus you can roll real slow and not stall out. I would say the engine breaking is a little more if not the same as a crf450

With my 06, I haven't experienced any engine breaking [sic] as noted by mummer12 - thank goodness :thumbsup::applause:

just kidding hehe

Engine braking is your friend. Learn to use it.

I don't mind a little. I've ridden the CRF450 and that was OK, but I rode a WR450 and the engine braking was unbelieveable...like over the bars kind of crazy.

Does the YZ have less than the WR?

But is it bad? It seems like my 250f has alot of enginebraking, its not the most pleasant sound. So the question is, is it bad? It makes me not want to brake as fast...

Well...coming from the two stroke, yes. Less is more from my perspective. It's just what I'm used to. I suppose I will learn to use it with time.

If it's similar to the CRF, I'd be OK with that.

CRF and YZF have similar engine braking.

To tell the truth, I love the four-stroke power. But I hate the engine braking. Im running the FMF STM slipper clutch and love it. It was about 800 bucks, but was worth it. The rear end doesnt hop over braking bumps and the bike stays more planted. You have to use more clutch out of the corners and in the slow turns, you have to use the clutch comming in. Probably next to suspension, its next in line for mods...(if your a two-stroke rider on a four-stroke)

Engine braking may be your friend if used properly, but for we less experienced riders it can be a bit of a challenge. I mean unless you keep it pinned you are looking at endo's on jumps. I got the broken collar bone to show for it..

Ah, but if you had learned to ride on a four-stroke in the first place, instead of a leaf blower with wheels, you would know about things like dropping the throttle on a jump lip.

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