Powerbomb head pipe 'SOLD'

I have a FMF Powerbomb headpipe For Sale.

It will fit a 400 or a 426. It is as good as new.

Used very little, sold the bike, I kept the header. Paid $225. , will take $110.

423 622 8326 ext 159 -- Brent

or bmercer@frogfoam.com

[ December 03, 2001: Message edited by: BMercer ]

Anybody out there tried a White Bros E-Series, Powerbomb combination? WB doesn't have a clue...Go Figure, and FMF say's that the Powerbomb is based in diameter and length on the Stock Pipe... I'm figuring that if it fits the stock exhaust it should fit the E-sieries as the bend and length are the same....

Any body else's thoughts different?

Bonzai :)


In Dirt Riders YZF pipe comparison, they did recommend the PB header regardless fo the tail section.

The powerbomb has been sold


Yep.....I bought it...Dance. :D ...Dance. :D ..Dance. :D ...I finally beat you guys to the punch :) . I always get stuck paying retail....Thanks Kevin, Can't wait...More Power...HooYa! :D

and Thank-You Brent.....

Bonzai Dude's :D

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