Please Help !!!

I'm stuck helping my buddy put his 2000 xr600r motor back together we have most of it done but the guy who F'ed it up may of lost some rocker cover bolts I have some but they just don't seem to fit,

are they all 8mm or are there some 10mm bolts holding the rocker cover down.

Thank you.

If there are on line Manuel's that would work great I just don't want to buy a Manuel and have to get it done next week.

I have seen online manuals for the XR650r, but dont have a link since I have an L...try searching Google or hopefully someone will post a link. Good luck with build.

its been a while but i think there is one larger and much longer than the rest, man thats going to be a pain in the ass it you don't have the old bolts. You might be able to find exact sizes by going into a dealer and starting to order the bolts, hopefully they give size.

You can get the correct parts from Service Honda if you can stand to be patient or your local dealer. Sevice Honda lets you order right off the shop parts diagrams. Here is service Honda's Link:

Service Honda

There are companies that sell "bolt kits" for bikes. They are rather inexpensive when coompared to the Honda bolts. Not sure if those kits have what you need. Take a look on ebay. Search for "XR600 bolt"

Thank you for your help this made it much beter.

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