here piggy, piggy! SUEY!!!!!!!!!

i harescrambled my 98 wr 400 yesterday.. had a blast. this bike is just oo much fun!!!

n-e-ways, by the end of the two hour race i was getting so tired from having get-offs and hang-ups that i was starting to wonder if the 400 is for me. i realize that the 250f has the same seat height (or close enuff to it to mot notice a difference), but i could barely pick this pig up off of a hill i was consistently having troubles with. is there anything i can do to shave wieght off of it???i run a yzf exhaust, am removing the lights and going to a smaller yzf tank next spring, but is there anything else i can do??? would it be worth the time, effort, and extra $$$ to switch to the baby-f, or wouldn't there be that big a difference? i also noticed that it was geared a tad high (suprised i never noticed that before) will i benefite more from going up a tooth or two in the back, or down one in the front (=3 1/2 in the back) i think xr power might be more suited to my style, but it weighjs more than the f and and doesn't make nearly as much hp.

oh, one other thing... what can i expect to pay for a overflow bottle for the wr? mine didn't have one (previous owner broke it) and i was overheating big time yesterday.

thanks for any return input.


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Check out my setup.....The only thing I can say is thet it only weigh's 257 wet and kicks serious A$$ in the woods and on the track.

Good Luck...'re setup sounds very similar to mine... maybe i just had a ton of mud caked on my bike or sumthing. it was a little muddy. i suppose being only 5'8" doesn't help at all either. (that bike gets a little tall and heavy on a steep hillside. ) :):D

i think i just need to get in beter shape. i don't know if the baby f would have the oomph i am used too. i don't think it would haul my 175 lb. butt around as well, either. :D

thanks yamakaze

i am removing the lights in the spring, getting a clarke stock yzf tank and sdg seat for x-mas, grey wire cut, throttle stop removed (came that way fromn last owner), acerbis rally brush guards (all-plastic, not eh one's with the aluminum in them), DEVOL rad guards, acerbis frame guards, dunlop d756 up front, s-12 in rear, renthals, 909 grips, stock gearing, stock yzf exhaust.

i think i will switch to engine ice and replace the overflow tank/catch tank to the rads., too, cuz i was overheating last H/S.

cool beans.

later. :D


I'm the same size as you. Maybe a little more table muscle but the same height. Have you cut down your seat? I did and it made a huge difference, not in weight but in ridability. I agree these things can be pigs sometimes when the going gets slow but I think that our size has alot to do with that. If you want I can e-mail a picture of my bike seat to you.


Out of shape? Here is my situation-

Love to ride & been riding for about 30 years. For the last year and a half have been working way too much and riding way too little. Now I get out of breath just walking out to my garage and looking at the WR. I mow the lawn and it feels like I rode an enduro. Talk about out of shape.

About six years ago, when I was serious about riding / racing, I had a friend start me on a weight training schedule that kicked butt (my butt). He was the trainer for Sonoma State U football team and knows his stuff. I had him watch a few mx races on videotape and he put together a plan. He would ask me what was sore after riding and we would target those areas with certain exercises.

Two months later I was in killer shape and my riding improved so much I could not believe it. After a long brutal ride, my riding buddies would be whipped, but I felt fresh and ready to go for another loop. The difference was amazing. Arm pump was no more. Picking up the bike after a get-off was no big deal - even on the side a hill. Man, those were the days.

My point is this: I NEED TO GET BACK IN SHAPE! Is anyone out there interested in a weight training program? I can provide a schedule and exercises that worked for me in the past. It would help me if I knew someone else was experiencing the pain too. Oh yeah, pain (and lots of it).


Hey Mike...

I'm 5'8 as well....Let's see this saddle of yours.... I need to find a stump or a left handed hill somewhere if I want to stop. I think it makes us better riders cause we're always moving.

Bonzai :)


I retired from the Army after 24 years...I swore that after that many years of doing Physical Training 3 to 5 days a week and having to endure PT Tests, weigh-ins and the like I was going to join "Athletics Anonymous" Now having been retired for 3 years I wish I hadn't. I started exercising again two weeks ago, trying to rehab my torn muscles from trying to keep up with the youngsters on the MX track.....Never again will I stop excercising....It's probably gonna take a year to drop this overhang....but who cares...I feel better already....and for the first time this past weekend I had more energy and more speed than I have had in years....

hell...I'm ready for a run right now...

Bonzai :)

xrracer: i had the same problem with the weight of my 2000 WR. i stripped it to YZ config but the beautiful beast was still too much for me when i needed to move it around. sold it a week ago & will be getting a WR250 any day i hope. like others here @ the forum, i absolutely loved my 400 & its incredible power; it's just the weight i couldn't handle anymore. i'm a vet 5'11" & 150#. i rode my buddy's WR250 & knew right away it was the REAL bike for me. i think we'd all be surprised if we put our 400's on the scale. yammie needs to go on a serious diet in the next year or 2. just pushing the 250 around is like kids play compared to the 400. i'll always have fondness for the 2000WR400, but won't miss the added poundage! maybe see you over on the 250 side....ride safely, bobwombat

i thought a friends '00 model was lighter steering than my '99er. has anyone else found this?

i've just had a thought, i was on 11PSI i bet he was on about 30!!!

anyway just wondered.


wow, i never knew there were this many guys with the same whines i have(too short, no time to train, etc...) . yeah, send me the pics of the seat. i doubt i'll do it, but if it looks interesting enuff, ya never know. we all know that there's WAY too much padding on those yamaha seats to begin with anyways... :)

i don't know. i don't think the 250f is an option even till i finish paying back my loan for the big boy, but i still don't know if i'll look into it then. i think i can manage. i just need 2 more hours in a day so i can get some time to excercise or ride other than on race days. between school and work, i don't get two minutes to even think about riding anymore, ... and it's still like pulling teeth to get those days off. i swear, if he (my boss) nags me one more time about my racing schedule... :D

i think i'll just stop being such a sissy and toughen up. i am 18. i am young (not that you guys aren't :D:D ) i just need to buckle down and start on some type of training.

in fact, i think i'll go for a 3 mile jog to start right now... oh...wait...i gotta go to work... :D


Taffy, I've ridden a mates 2001 YZ 426 and it didn't feel too diff to my 99 WR in the steering dept, admitedly i wasn't on it for more than 20 mins but nothing too drastically different.



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If I remember right, they changed the front end geometry a little for '00 and later.

Someone (Scotts maybe) sells replacement clamps to update the older bikes.

:) I can't believe you guy's think the WR is HEAVY :D Having just helped a mate who came off his XR600 and bust 2 ribs, I rode that out of a Welsh mountain bog for him, and let him take my Nice light 2 stroke, I couldn't believe what a tractor that bike is!!!

Now I own a WR and don't find it too different to my 2 stroke, certainly it is in a different weight class to the 600, now that is a HEAVY bike!!!! :D:D (also a DRZ S aint light either!)



Funny how we all ride virtually the same bike and all have different issues with it. My '98 WR tipped the scales at an actual 286 lbs with a half tank of fuel. I'm 5'10" and 185 lbs and don't have much of an issue with the weight of the bike. And concerning the seat height, I have the Thumper Racing 1" taller seat foam. This makes it easier to move up on the bike with the stock WR tank. Seems to work for me. I can get the old blue pig to move pretty good down the trail. I try to use it's weight to my advantage when I'm riding. Don't fight it, try to use a little finesse. You *ain't* gonna muscle around a big overweight four stroke.

i'm not trying to muscle this bike around (well, not too much, anyways),... i am just working on picking it up when i crash. it weighs like 100 lbs. more than i do!!!!! :)

i started ,y "training" last night.

when i got home form work i did a whole bunch of sit-ups and push-ups and such and plan on doing this every night(increasing when needed, of course). and i am hereby changing my diet to be a little more healthy than it was ... :D ...

***on a side note, for any interested, i went on a kick last year, when i found out from a HS track athlete that the carbonation from soda pop replaces the oxygen getting to your muscles, i stopped drinking pop altogether cold turkey for like 4 months. i was so energetic in those months it was incredible. my muscles worked better and i wasn't nearly as tired or sore after a long race( and with repalcing that sugar-water with juice or H2O when i was thirsty, i lost 10 lbs. in the first 2 weeks!!!1 :D:D )

n-e-ways, back to the topic.

i plan on some type of cardio workout whenever i can, too. maybe getting an excercise bike i can use in my basement (it's getting dark around 5 pm here now, so it is hard to get outside to do any.)

well, wish me luck. ... no, ... wish RC and shane watts luck, cuz once i train a little i'll be unstoppable!!! :D:D:D

that or maybe i just need to shell over the 20,000 clams and haev BBR make me one of those cr80e/wr250rf hybrids like what's in the last dirtbike mag. :)

i'm sure that would get the trick done.

Ron in Socal...send me some info on your training program if you would. I'm at thank you.

Let me get my act together and I?ll send you the routine. I'm going to start working out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. After about six weeks, every day.

Must have a weight bench and dumbbells.

I promise its going to hurt at first but after the first two weeks you will see a major improvement. I will be getting the info together and will get it to you by this weekend. Oh yeah, stop drinking soda and lay off the sweets.

I'm planning on starting this Monday. Set aside a hour per workout. Later!

Ron in SoCal - I too feel the pain. This was my first year riding dirt bikes and also my first year running enduros - at age 40.

My philosophy is if you're gonna do something, go in full steam, headfirst. :)

I definitely need a good routine. Picking up the big blue beastie (and my sorry butt) after 20 or so miles gets very tiring. Please send a copy to me. Thanks.


WHAT IN THE WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS ISA GOIN ON AROUND HERE? Are you all a bunch of wimpy whiners :D My bike is to heavy to pick up :) Give me a break, it's not that bike thats hard to pick up on the side of a hill, it's my ass thats hard to pick ,up. 6ft 242lbs (no comments from you Michael & RetSenior) Once I get myself up why do I want to try and pick up my bike, thats what your ridin buddies are for :D

Ride Safe And Ride Often

Ok I'll try and get inshape again next year :D

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