here piggy, piggy! SUEY!!!!!!!!!

Ron, I think it's great that you are willing to give this valuable information to your competiors :) I could use a new training program especially one targeted for riding . Thanks, Doug

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If you would be so kind as to send me your routine I would be most appreciative! I'm curious as to what exercises you do to get in riding shape. If your routine is that good I'll be changing my workout routine!




might as well hit me with your routine while you're at it.


I am gonna jump on the band wagon and whine a little. So far I think I am the shortest to reply weighing in at a whopping 205lbs I only reach a meager height of 5'6" and believe me that is not all muscle. I did take my seat in to an upholstery shop and paid 40 bucks(well worth it). I hadn't ridden in seven years before I got my '00WR. I would fall over in the slightest breeze or off camber turn. Turning around on a fire road spelled out DISMOUNT for me until I had the seat shaved. I also had to get used to the heaght of a modern dirt bike, I grew up on a '73 trials bike we're talkin two inches of travel on the rear end. But now I think purchasing this thing was the best mistake I ever made.

Lil brave!!! I have a 35 inch inseam and stand 6 foot 3 and even I have some issues with touching the ground depending on how 'perched' I am on the obstacle of choice when I finally grind to halt!!

i think we all need to get together and make an investment. i wonder if BBR would give us a group rate on those cr80 big wheel framed wr250f's they are building? LOL :)

that has to be the trickest, sickest, coolest bike i have ever seen!!!!

Sorry but I'll pass on the BBR. I prefer something with more low end.

Bill, you need to think about getting your suspension lowered internally. Both ends the same amount. You'd be truly amazed at how much that would improve your riding in the woods. Lowering it an inch at each end is a BIG difference. It ain't cheap but it is wonderful for those who are vertically challenged.

MX Tuner,

Just curious...but what exactly is involved with getting your suspension lowered "internally"? Approx. how many $'s would that mod be?

It sure would be nice to touch the ground once in a while...


low end?!?!?! the test in dirt bike said they had to raise the gearing ot keep the front wheel on the ground!!! i want one!!! :D:)

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