WR 400 graphics ?

I have done the search on this site and perhaps have missed the reply i am looking for. But I just purchased a 1999 wr400 street legal (woohoo!! :thumbsup: ) and was wondering what graphics kit would fit on the bike. I was looking at the newer 450s and they seemed the same but seeming the same and being the same are vastly different animals i know! So any input on the newest looking graphics i could buy and from whom would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all in advance


You could try www.denniskirk.com. My '98 stickers are kinda shredded and they had a specific listing for the WR. Can't remember who it was made by, tho...

I recently got a set from Factory EFFEX. Found them online. Good fit, good quality even look good.

I like these graphics

I just put a complete set of Factory Effex Evo 2 graphics on my '99 WR400FL. I found the choice for the older YZ and WR bikes with the 2-bolt shrouds to be quite limited. Factory Effex also does OEM replacement graphics for the shrouds if you want to go that route...

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