Wiring Ricky Stator 200W to standard Baja Designs dualsport kit

Need help here.

Just purchased a Ricky Stator 200w dual output stator (2 100w outputs). This is for my 03 650R with a standard dual sport kit installed. I emailed Ricky Stator and they said I needed to reuse the stock AC regulator in addition to the the Baja Designs one and order a wiring kit from Baja designs. Upon looking at BD site and downloading instructions for using the BD rewound stator, I see what Ricky Stator is talking about.

First question, is the Ricky Stator 200w dual output along the same lines as the BD rewind? Wiring diagrams look the same but wire colors for the outputs are a little different.

2nd question, the wiring output coming off the stator. Is that AC or DC?

3rd: Anyone else used the Ricky Stator 200w stator with a BD kit on the 650R. Any advice here?



Both stators are dual coil, so are setup the same, though some of the wire colors may very well be different.

All voltage coming off the stator is AC voltage. It doesn't turn into DC until it's rectified. Your BD regulator/rectifier will turn it into DC to charge the battery and run your DC components. Your stock regulator, is only a regulator, no rectification. So, you will have one coil driving a DC circuit and the other coil drives an AC circuit which usually drives your upgraded headlight.

However, now your headlight isn't running off the DSK handlebar switch like it used to. Neither will your headlight run off your battery like it used to. The headlight will ONLY work when your bike is running.

You can either install another switch on the AC headlight side to actuate your HI/LO beam, or you can install 12VDC coil relays. The relays themselves will switch the AC headlights HI/LO/Off, but the 12VDC coil of the relay can be wired to the the HI/LO selection of your DSK handlebar switch.

If you are only going to run a 55/60W headlight, then you can probably run EVERYTHING on the DC side, including the headlight, and everything will work as normal and the handlebar switch will switch the headlight as normal. However, now, you won't be utilizing the 2nd coil of your stator at all.

The possibilities are endless. Why don't you tell us what you want to do, and what headlight you will be running, and what other accesories you want to run (GPS, grip warmers etc...) and we can help you a bit better.

Thanks snaggle; great response and that helps me undertstand things better. Also talked to Ben at Baja Designs and he was extremely helpful. Yes, the Ricky Stator is set up pretty much the same as the rewound BD stator. I am going to do just what you were talking about having the headlight run straight off one of the stator outputs and installing a relay for the headlight from BD. Putting in a 90/100 watt bulb which should be considerably better than the stock BD 35w. Will let you all know how it goes!

BD will sell you the relay and adapters you need to get the headlight running

through the handle bar switch again. everything snaggle says is good about

using the two outputs, one for the DC circuit and the other via the stock AC

regulator to the lights.

Installation worked like a charm. Longest part was putting in the new stator which bolted in perfect. Having the headlight on its own stator ouput makes a world of difference. I am driving a 90/100 watt headlight with ease and with the rest of the Baja kit on its own stator output, taillights are really bright and blinkers work fine at idle.

If you are putting in the baja kit on the 650R, this is a must!!!

If you wire in the Ricky Stator, instructions are the same as the Baja Designs rewound stator except stator wire colors are different. One thing I found out was that if either your DC side or headlight doesn't work, reverse the polarity from the stator outputs and then it would work. Seeing that it is AC coming off the stator I didn't think this would make a difference but it did!

Installation worked like a charm.

Great news :thumbsup:

Just keep an eye on the connectors between the stator and the BD Harness

I got some arcing going on there, the female connectors were a bit loose and

it nearly burned the wires off. You'll notive it after about a weeks worth of

riding.... if it's going to happen at all.

were are the instructions I am doing the same mod Ricky stator 200 watt and BD dual sport kit on 650R

I need to read up on How to do it?

Call Ricky Stator. He is a nice guy and will answer your question, or email.

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