Aussie Idiot

Hi All,

Seeing as my last attempt at messing with my bike was so successful (not) I thought it might be a good idea to ask the good folk at TT & in the USA for some basic instructions on chain tightening. for my 2001 XR650R.

Great bike, bought it second hand with no manual.

I know, its the the most basic, stupid question - but at the end of the day (and as you TT people know) I've been bit before, so I'd prefer to ask (perhaps confirming my idiot status in the process) and find out how to do it properly rather than being stuck somewhere west of Sydney - where the mountains are a b@stard and mobile phones don't work!!

Cheers all!,


Why get us bad names as idiots? :thumbsup:

sit on the bike , have a buddy hold the bike upright and feel the chain while u jump up and down a bit.

its supposed to hang on the suspension , never the chain.

did that make sense to anyone ?

Made sense to me, and as an Aussie, BBeavis, sell the bike if you can't do something that simple.

Ditch the name! We officially disown you.

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