Replacement Plastics Question

I'd like to replace the fenders and side panels on my 650R - I see several different choices, but I'd like to check out the quality in person. Nobody locally has any on hand, so I figured I'd ask here - what is the best plastic for the money and do you have recommendations on (online?) dealers for it?


If you want the best quality, Honda OEM is the only way to go. Otherwise, you are taking your chances. By the way, Xrs Only carries the UFO? BLACK plastics for the 650R now...

OEM is the best for fit and finish.Service Honda has OK pricing.

I always wondered if you could get silver plastic for the 650r?

Anyone know?

Thanks - I like the OEM look, but was hoping for something that looked as good but is cheaper. Oh well - off to Service Honda shortly.


The UFO F fender, scoops, and side # plates are good quality.

The FF has an ever-so-slight difference from OEM at the very tip which I don't care for as much as the exact OEM but still less $ so we run 'em.

OEM rear fender is the best.

Whats wrong with the plastic on the bike now? scratched up? broke? dont throw it away? Ill take it if you dont want it!!


All of the plastic is scratched and the rear fender has a crack near a bolt hole. I'm keeping for a while, but ultimately want to freshen it up with new plastic.

Ok I will tell you my secret.....ssshhhhhh just dont spread it around ok :thumbsup:

I have had good luck doing this. I have found a product at the local cycle shop that is called Plastic Renew. I sand out all my scratched plastic starting with 120 grit paper. Take it from there to 150, 180, 220, 320, and then finish with 400. The plastic renew stuff is a liquid that is wiped on the plastic and looks like 2% milk. 2 coats and then buff out with a fine steel wool. Go back over it with about 5 more coats and the plastic looks like its brand new. It holds up very well. I have done 2 bikes now and I havent even used a 3rd of the bottle.

When I say sand the plastic I dont sand the whole thing with 120 first. I just use 120 to take out the bad scratches in that area and then move on with other paper to smooth things out. When I get to an area on the fender or side panel that is still smooth and unscratched, I just hit it with 320 or 400 to rough up the surface a bit to give the liquid something to stick to. I have used the plastic renew liquid on shiny plastic with out roughing it first and it doesnt last too long till it starts to peal off or flake. Make sure you rough it a bit with 400 and I dont go past that. I was taking my plastic all the way down to 1500 grit and then using the Plastic Renew and stopping at 400 works better. White plastic turns out better and is easier to do than red or blue etc. After a couple of times doing it, you get a feel for the stuff and figure out what it can hide and what it cant scratch wise. If you mess up your panels again, no problem. Sand out and reaply the product. Washing and waxing after words doesnt seem to have any effect on the shine or durability. AND, if you dont like the way it turns out after a few coats, go back and hit it with fine steel wool to smooth out even more. I just use a blue paper shop towel to apply the stuff.


I may have to give that a try on the pieces that aren't cracked. Thanks for the tip!

I've never had any problems with Acerbis plastic. Bought it for several different bikes. Check prices here on TT and

UFO plastics are really nice. They are even available in Black from XRs Only. The quality are as good as OEM:thumbsup: . Oem plastics are a bit more expensive too.

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