Hole in my friends bike!!!!!!!

I don't know the details of this yet and as far as I know he hasn't torn the bike down yet but thought you guys might be interested in a SAD SAD story!! A few of you have met my friend Travis, he rides/rode a '98YZ400. All stock except some jetting changes. Regularly changes his oil and performs routine upkeep. I rode his bike a month ago and it seemed as good as day one!! Then out at the dunes over Thanksgiving he's just cruising along and the bike is sounding great till BOOOOOMMMMM!!! And it stops instantly!! He looks down and the first thing he notices is oil on the ground &%$#@!!!! Upon more inspection there's a hole in the left side of the case. I havn't seen the bike first hand yet but he's fairly mechanically inclined and he's thinking he may have snapped a rod which also managed to poke out the cylinder. Needless to say he's a little bummed out and really stressing on what he's going to get to pay to rebuild probably upper and lower ends plus a new side case. I'll keep you guys informed on the progress of this and let you know the details of how bad it really looks once I see the bike myself.

Ouch!! That blows!

I had a Plymouth Colt that threw a rod...right out the block!

I would think if the rod bearing seized or went out, it would make a good bit of noise leading up to it dying.

Yeah, I would think there would have been some warning. He said it was running awesome all the way up to the bang. He said the whole is actually in the side case, not the cylinder or anything. What else could pop outta the case besides the rod? I'll have to get over to his house to see the damage to figure out what may have happened. For his sake, does anyone have any hook ups on parts or labor in San Diego or maybe even Orange or Riverside county?

I had a friend who snapped 3 of 4 rods on his Honda CRX 4 banger rice rocket! He sprayed a little too much NOS (left 3 nice holes in the top of the hood, from where the piston came out)...it was a stupid and costly mistake! Let us know how bad it is! Later,


that'll be a rod i should think. those '98's had some small end trouble when you bored them to 420cc. so you've got to say those early rods didn't like much trouble. most unjapanese!!

a rod would give no warning and it would snap just below the little end eye. the crank at BDC would then fling the rod through the bottom of the case in an arc.

if he's really lucky the piston is ok, but the barrel will be whacked. i hope his gearbox can be cleaned up.

ask him to make sure he gets the later rod when he rebuilds.

i used to run two SR500's and both of them clonked on the little end. the only time you could hear it going was if you revved it.

sounded like that little man with his hammer!


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