Switched to the yz450f yesterday!

Well I had been looking at getting the 07 but the price on the 06 couldn't be beat compared to 7000 for the 07 which I would have to wait for here in Montana till they think the middle of OCT. So 5900 OTD and they gave me 3000 for my 02 WR426 that had been well taken care of. I have yet to ride it because it was dark out by the time I got home last nite. So it will have to wait till tonight after work. I did leave it in the back of my truck so I can look at it while sitting at my desk though. :thumbsup: Not to mention that we finally got rain :applause: so we can ride on my track again. :applause:

$5,900 OTD and $3k for your '02? That's a sweet deal...that would never happen here. Do they want to do another deal like that, I'll make the drive!

Tonight, while you wait do this stuff to it (trust me or not, it needs it):




I would ride it first, but after the ride you may feel like you might have to pull up the forks 5mm (line). If you could change out the stock chain right away, you could save money by using stock sprockets too!

Have Fun!

I just made the switch from a 02, 426 to a 06 450 and absolutely love it, the handling is sooo much better and the bike pulls like crazy.

Sounds like you got a good deal. I picked up my 450 from a desert rider that relocated to the PNW, rode the bike twice in the woods and put it up for sale.....after spending $2000 on RG3 clamps, Dr. D pipe, all the Light Speed stuff in their catalog, including their TI pegs, Hinson clutch and cover, Twin Air power filter set up, ASV levers and the list goes on. $5800! :thumbsup:

I picked up my 450 from a desert rider (who spent) $2000 on RG3 clamps, Dr. D pipe, ..... $5800!
You are truly a dog.


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