Interesting Phone Call

I received an interesting phone call last night from an outfit asking about my CRF. He said he was with “Off-Highway Research” or something along those lines and asked if I had time for a survey. Told him I sold the thing and he asked if I had another bike. I responded with “XR650”. After saying “great bike”, he thanked me and started to say have a good evening. I asked what was the nature of call. He said he wanted to hear some pro’s and con’s about the CRF. When I asked who he or his company is working for he said Honda Corp. hired them to do a little research. I am impressed that Honda is doing a little “listening”.

I'd keep a close eye on your bikes. :thumbsup:

That doesn't sound normal to me.............stay alert and watch your stuff like ghoti suggested. :thumbsup:

shoot....good point! guess I won't feed the Rot for a couple days, lol.

no i would not be worried. A friend of mine started a company that pattened an idea of doing follow up calls. Sometimes to ask why someone didnt buya product, if they are happy with a product they bought, and things of that orgin. I know GM, Microsoft, and other large companies purchased the patten, so I am nearly sure thats what the call was. The companies pay 6.50 per call to the company my buddy owns. not sure if this was helpful and im not exactlyt sure how it works. but somethin like that. We should always keep an eye on our bikes anyhow, right? :thumbsup:

Get the number from Caller ID, and look it up here:

You can ID them, report them for abuses, or just log the call on the site.

The thing that strikes me as odd about the OP's call is that they claim to be doing research for Honda, Honda Motorcycles in particular, Honda Off-road Motorcycles in double particular, and in all-out Double-Dog-Particular, they have a live owner of swuch a beast on the line, yet had nothing to inquire about regarding it? :thumbsup:

Perhaps it was legit. But odds are, something else was going on. :applause:

Exactly my point phuzz.............once he told them it was sold, the other person was ready to hang up. If it was to inquire about the product, the seller would still have info to offer, bike sold or not. They were checking him out for the bike. No doubt about it! :thumbsup:

Yes, It does not sound place for them here.. :thumbsup:


If it was to inquire about the product, the seller would still have info to offer, bike sold or not.

Well put.

Perhaps he can get the number, and report it to the local authorities for that area code. I bet they'd be interested in hearing about it.

If Honda wanted feedback on their machines they can easily read the posts here on TT. And it would be cheaper then hiring a company to make phone calls.

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