Rattle noise on clutch side of engine

I have an 03 wr450 and posted a few days ago losing almost all of my oil on a small ride. took everyones advise and and changed oil, checked for metal filings in the screen and oil filter. found nothing. Getting the valves checked on Monday. went for a ride last night and the bike runs as strong as ever. What I did notice is that on the clutch side of the motor there is a rattle noise. I don't know if this is a clutch problem or an engine problem. The clutch hasn't been disengaging like it should when I come to a stop even before this oil problem happened. thanks for your help. :thumbsup:

Does the rattle quit when you pull in the clutch? If this is the case, you may have a lose crank gear, loose clutch basket. But gear rattle is normal. These gears are straight cut, strong as heck, but noisy and as the engine idles in neutral, and the crank rotates through the power pulse (power stroke) the crank speed will vary slowing down, the speeding up. This will give you a rattle sound from the gearbox and is normal. I also know there was some issues with starter gears on the 03 WR450F also.

take the cover off (after draining the oil), take off the pressure plate (those 5-6 bolts w/ the springs on them), and take a gander at the actual clutch fibers.

Mine did the same thing and after looking at it in person - I found 2 clutch fiber rings that were literally shattered. They were held in place by the shape of them, and the oil, and the pressure plate. but, when I'd pull the clutch in......it'd rattle pretty badly.

If this is nothing like your problem, then please forgive my stupidity....I'm a newb at this 4 stroke stuff also.

turn the knob on your clutch lever, i had the same noise and and disengage problem, turned the knob a little and it dissapeared helped for me hope it does for you too.

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