Vapor question: How do i hook up the rpm pickup?

I am not sure what to wrap the red wire around on my 05. I see the coil has two wires going to it than it all fits down in the head. How did you guys do it, I must be misunderstanding something here. Thanks for the help.

I suspect you are working with an inductive coupling/pickup? The new Yammies have a coil with ignitor all in one, so you will just see a voltage/trigger wires. I suppose the coil will create a feild that should work, maybe wrap it around the coil housing, see if that works?

I just wrapped it around the plug wire, right above the boot....

but, it seems like mine is reading a bit high, haven't had a chance to really check it out...I was just happy to get any reading...I'm guessing it's either wrapped too many times (if that even matters), or I didn't set the computer right

Thats how I ended up doing it. Seems to work but the tach seems high to me too.

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