Taffy Jetting?

:) If possible I could do with either the Maestro himself or one of the other truely gifted people to cast an opinion as to whether the "Taffy Mod " would work with stock WR timing and a White Bros E series or whether is is gonna be a totaly different ball game.

I know Missleman is delighted with the set up, but.... he's running a stock exhaust and YZ timing.

Opinions on a postcard to the usual address :D LOL


How did it go the other day with your Jetting party. I was a little busy getting mine working. Taffy did me right as usual. Mine is ripping like never before. Gonna put a new header on later this week and see if I can still hold onto it. The Taffsters ride seems to be pretty stable, I wouldn't think you should have a problem. I'm going to re-cam mine sometime before the spring, I havn't yet decided on a Torque Cam or a Race Cam as of yet...

Bonzai :)

:) Followed your thread with bated breath!!!

Got my new jets this evening and spent 20 mins fitting them, what a difference as per my thread (99jetting (again)) it still needs some fine tuning but a lot lot better :D

Run out of time tonight, it's dark already over here and BL**DY COLD! :D (and the kids are in bed LOL)

ANY and every tip for making it go faster, just post, email what ever is will be all appreciated! :D



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