for all you night riders out there, check this out

hey gang,

i was forced into an early headlight RE & RE due to the lack of ability in gettin past my buddy on a loose gravel road,

upon yankin out the old smashed up assembly i noticed that the bulb was an H4 50w/55w or something lame like that,

so after buckin up the pony for a new complete assembly, i went over to the polaris guy (whom happens to be right in the same building as me) and grabbed one of those xenon bulbs (spelling mistake i'm sure) which happens to be a 50W/ 100W blue tint, (when the light is not on it has a blue reflection, adding to the COOL FACTOR)

anyways i took the plug off the back and cut the wires , replaced it with a standard automotive H4 headlight connection, (low-beam/ hi-beam)

i took the single power wire that our wr has for the headlight and connected it to a 3 position toggle (on/off/on) to the center terminal, then i took a short lead to one of the headlight plug leads, and another to the remaining lead, and the ground was connected to the ground of course, voila! our wr headlight can multi-task! :thumbsup:

the toggle was mounted to the headlight plastic just beside the headlight to the rightside in that recessed area out of harms way, a waterproof boot was used aswell,

i just triied it out tonight, low beam works good to peer through the dust haze just in front of you so you can see the ground,

hi beam is too cool for school WFO !

I also have one of those nerdy out doorsey kinda guy headlamps mounted to my helmet, it is a KRYPTON L,E,D, HYPERLIGHT deal, it also helps in the tight twisty stuff when your light is whippin' all over the place,

ok, ok nuff blahh blahh, hope this was informative for someone,it works awesome

i just love this new found sport (NITE-RIDIN')

OH P.S. it still doesn't remove the ghosts that appear out of no where but hey, what does :applause:

gonna have to try something like this before I go to the dunes for a very early morning ride next week

Night riding is a lot of fun and even better when you have good lighting. For my stock WR headlight I run an 80w/80w. For night racing events I have a trail Tech 8" halogen light and also run Trail Tech H.I.D. helmet lights.

One of our events in Washington for our Time Keeping Enduro Enduro series is ran at night. The first rider out is 9:01 P.M :thumbsup: In the more open eastern part of the state there's a club called Over The Bars Gang who put on a 25 hour event and a few dusk to dark 4 and 6 hour events.

What is really cool about night riding is the fire roads and trails are defiantly less crowded plus you get to see a lot of cool animals that you do not see when it is light.

this minor up-grade would allow me to buzz up to 60mph on a fireroad that i could tap 5th during the day,

i don't think i would race this set-up seriously, i would be inclined to do a diablo, with the extra bulbs in the light plus the little round one above,

but this was a really cheap way to improve the stock set up for a few bucks

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