Replaced Handlebars

I got around to replacing the stock bars on my 650R. I did quite a bit of research, and found lots of people asking questions, but not necessarily all of the answers I was looking for... So, hopefully someone else can benefit from my experience! Here is my new set up.

Renthal Jimmy Button Bars


Dirtbike Pro Risers (Move the bars up and forward about an inch each direction)



Motion Pro Cables, each cable 3" longer than stock ($27 per cable plus shipping) Cable length appears to be just right. No binding in either direction, and the cables are still routed like the factory specs.


Scott Grips

I haven't gotten to ride it yet, but I really liked the new feel sitting on it in the garage...



New and improved


tpsman, Welcome to TT..A lot of great guys here..And plenty of info and a store to shop at too.....Check out the Garage......

Your bike Looks great...Enjoy that ride...... :thumbsup:

Wow, that looks close to 3" higher overall than stock. I hope it fits you well and I am sure it will feel a lot better. I ride an L, but love the Pro-Taper upgrade I did on mine it was probably at least 2" higher than stock and feels perfect.

Welcome to Thumper

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