Dead bat. already?

My bike has 166.2 miles on it now. I start it every night after work, sometimes ride it up and down the road near my home. My bat. was put to the test last weekend though. Laid it down somewhat in a puddle. Picked it up before it was totally in water and shut down before wet totally. Bike would not star for a while, had to comp. start it cause it acted like bat. was dead very quickly afterwords from being laid down. Bike has not started very well since with electric start. It wants to start, but then goes click click and won't start like earlier tonight 3 times. Then I kick start it and its OK. I was told I should put it on a charger after riding, why so or is it true I should? Isn't there another bat. out there thats lighter and lasts longer vs. stock?

Thanks for any help/advice.


The capacity of the battery isn't much so if it doesn't start in a few tries then it starts losing it's cranking power.If your not riding it very long after starting it won't have a chance to recharge thus making it harder to crank the next time.


Purchase a battery tender and keep it plugged in all the time.

I would just try driving it some more, and maybe using the kickstart a scattered time to help out.

I told you to get the charger. I've never had a problem w/my battery!

I told you to get the charger. I've never had a problem w/my battery!

Prepare to be roosted!!!!!!!


i bought a battery tender jr. about 6 months ago. i've never had a battery issue since then. you just hook up the pigtail to your battery and plug it in every day. i had the same problem as you. it's only $25.

I think it's sad to have to keep your dirt bike plugged in, I have no issues with my bike, there is another alternative too, you can get a baja designs voltage regulator and convert your stator into one big one instead of two smaller ones (only one part charges the battery) and this should also solve your problem

If you dont want to buy a Battery Tender, then to conserve batttery charge try Kicking the bike when cold, then use the e button when hot: with the Hot start lever mine fires first time.

If you crank the engine with the Batttery it wil lose charge Very quickly and wont be fully recharged unless you ride at least 30mins.

Try an Optimate 3 charger - made in the EU. They are great. :thumbsup:

just think of it as a hybrid gas/electric like the old suzuks were (was that the gopher?)

rode 3 hours and had to charge the battery

stock batts are very weak...use the ole foot or bumpstart..or get a different battery

i have 2k miles on my 05 and i have never had to charge it(even tho i left the light on all night)

I've got the same problem here... My battery never has been good. Even after hours of riding it doesn't like to start the bike more than once or twice. I just ordered a Battery Tender Plus... I'm hoping it does the trick.

05 wr450 bought new November 04, same battery never any problems. We ride almost every 2-weeks. Just had an incodent labor day weekend. had to leave my bike alone in the desert after being rescued by helicopter(long story) see "Short-cut my @$$ o5 wr450" blog from one week ago. Anyway, left my ignition light on all night, when we found the bike the next morning, she fired right up w/ the e-start. No lagg..... :thumbsup:


I grabbed a battery tender at Harbor Freight for $6 a couple of weeks ago....the battery is still on that tender, I wish I had more time to ride that svelte little bee-yatch.

These WR battery systems are designed for light wieght, so the battery has just enough power and the charging capacity just enough to keep the battery charged. They don't have lots of backup juice like car systems do. I too finally bought a small battery tender and plug it in the night before I ride. Once the bike has been running for a while, the battery is fine for the rest of the multi day riding trip with lots of stops and starts.

In very cold weather even a fully charged battery seems to just barely have enough juice to start my bike. If I jetted it better, I think it would probably start right up.

Theres aways the kickstart, and it works quite well.

I just got a charger last night. It's made by West Marine. It wasn't exactly what I wanted, but it was the right price. It charged the battery in about an hour and it works great now. Bike started in 2 strokes now. I guess the biggest problem is that the bike never really had a full charge and the stator had just never had enough "poop" to charge it.

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