Monteal, Canada and laser eye surgery

I am heading up to Montreal on January 18 for laser surgery. Anyone have any recommendations for entertainment/dining while I am in Montreal?

I WILL have my entire family w/ me.

Thanks, Fellas!



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I'm living in Montréal for 2 years. In winter, you can do some hill sliding (we have an hillin the middle of town called Mont-Royal). I heard that you can do dog sleigh close to the old port too. there is a lot of theater and 2 i-max cinema (those 8 floors high picture). Funny, I'm living here for 2 years and cannot find better idea than that! I'm not a good ambassador for my city!!!

Montreal is known to be a multi-cultural city that accept all color and sexual orientation with many quarter (italian, chinese, portugese, greek, black, gay)

The west part of the city (west to st-laurent's street)is mostly english and the east part is mostly french baut many people speak both.

Why are you coming in Canada for your laser surgery?



Here in the states, we have an organization called the FDA, that is the Food & Drug Administration. They have to approve ALL medications, and apparently Laser usage for surgeries, before the public uses or has access to them. The lasers your country has are the the latest and greatest lasers, your surgeons are the most experienced and the cost is at least HALF price of what we have to pay here in New England.

That is why MANY U.S. citizens venture into your country for the surgery.

I do thank you Sir for the ideas!


Why Montreal? That is about the furthest providence from CA than you can get?


I went caribou hunting last august,90 miles nw of Schefferville. Which is about two hours by air north of Montreal. We had a one day layover in Montreal on each leg of our trip. As I said I'll be back there this september and plan to spend two or three days there on the way back this time. One thing I can recommend though, use your credit card whenever possible. I found the "exchange" rate can vary wildly.



I bet you're feeling alot better now knowing that all sexual orientations are accepted........ :)

In all seriousness, I've been to Montreal before, I'll be there again in September, and it's a very nice city.

Check out I took a quick look and there are several ideas of what to do with the kids.

Hope your surgery goes well

An nice outing for the family would be to go up north about an hours' drive. This is my neigbourhood and it is called the Laurentians. Beautiful rolling hills great for XC skiing or check out Tremblant for downhill snowboarding. Lots of possiblities also in St-Sauver for cheaper than Tremblant. If you are modest the Manoir St-Sauveeur is a good place to start, they have sauna, tub, pool, gym, etc. as do many other places. Check out Morin Heights about 15 min. from Sauveur if you like XC touring or the linear park if you skate ski. We are freindly people so have fun! :)

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My family and I are very much looking forward to it!!

I will get up there Thurday night. We are staying at the Renaissance Hotel Du Parc. My surgery is Friday at 2pm. After that, I am to crash in my room for >5 hrs to prevent ripping the flap (OOHH, now that IS nasty!!) open. The kids will be either swimming or drowning in the pool. In the evening, I will get back up and venture into town with these goofy fish bowl things over my eyes for some genuine real french food (any suggestions?). Saturday before noon, I go in for my first post-op "Eye flap" check. If SAT, I can go home immediately. It is a 5 hour jaunt to home, i.e. Northwood, NH. We may stay up there for a wee bit, I really do not know. We have nothing to rush home to...???

Kevin, you may find good restaurants along St-Laurent Blvd. or St-Denis St. as well as downtown. I would recommend the Greek owned bring-your-own-wine places as they have great value and you don't get ripped off if you induldge in wine. You may pick up a good quality wine for about 15.00 - 20.00 canadian at any SAQ outlet. ( try a Medoc )The yellow pages should help you out with that. Also ues the subway to get around if you can, it is cheap, clean and very practical. Wish I could give more info but I am a country boy! No room for me there with my YZ400! :) Best of luck with the operation.

I had mine done about the same time of day, they lightly drug you up for the surgery. I hit the sack at about 6:00 that evening and didn't wake up till 8:00 the next morning. Take it as easy as possible, by the second day you'll be amazed at the difference.


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Have you priced Canadian penile extensions? Maybe you can work a package deal with the doctor (and give you something to look at with your improved eyesight)..... :) . Heck, see if he does hair plugs, maybe I'll meet you there..... :D .

Dude your going blind, eat some sausage.


I'll gladly donate some back hair for your hair plugs. They may resemble pubey's, but hey hair is hair...right!?? :)

It is also Montreal, not Monteal. I must have been thinking of Province, Road Eyeland.


My wife just went to Montreal and all she raved about was some place called Chateau Montbello. It is supposed to be the worlds greatest brunch spread on Sundays. You have to make reservations to get in. I guess it is actually a log cabin resort that is famous for this Sunday brunch. Good luck with the eye surgery.

Originally posted by NH Kevin:


Why Montreal? That is about the furthest providence from CA than you can get?

hey kevin - province, not providence.


The family and I will be heading up there this summer. I WILL check out this place your Wife went to.

For any of you that may head up there, be forewarned, the value of the US dollar SEEMS to vary from place to place. One parking garage told me the parking was $10 in US or Canadian, which is a bunch of BS. The exchange rate is $1.39 Canadian = $1.00 U.S.

The people I dealt with were VERY polite. One gentleman had me follow him to the eye clinic, when I was hopelessly lost. I REALLY enjoyed my stay there. This next time though, I'll have more than a few hours to enjoy Montreal!

Was staying in Ottawa this summer and via rental car drove to montreal. Had some experiences....stayed in a hostel and had fun at Cleopatras..... Waled up and down st denis and st laurent.If I remember they were parrelel and full of interesting sights.

Originally posted by Mike in Silicon valley:


Have you priced Canadian penile extensions? Maybe you can work a package deal with the doctor (and give you something to look at with your improved eyesight)..... :) . Heck, see if he does hair plugs, maybe I'll meet you there..... :D .

You guys are killing me! LMAO! :D

Hope your surgery went well Kevin.

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