Shock pre-load method/tools?

What/how are you guys using to turn the lock nuts on the shock? I've been using a hammer/drift but there has to be a better/easier/faster way. I remove the coil to access the lock nuts but it's still a PITA.


I keep my shock threads free from dirt using WD40. Then you just loosen the top collar (the lock one) and then you can turn the shock spirng by hand with a pair of leather gloves (either right or left). This is easier than using a chisel to screw up the collars, and it is quick and easy! Just take your black roost guard off (under the fender, in fron of the rear wheel) to have easy access! Later,


If you have your suspension unloaded by either putting the bike on a stand or having someone hold it over on the kickstand with the back wheel off the ground you can easily turn the spring by hand.

Motoman - maybe you need to work on your grip - LOL!

Just as motoman says, you can turn this by hand once you loosen the locknut with a hammer/chisel/screwdriver. I've not yet had to to do anything but put it on a stand. No leather gloves or removing anything. It is a little trickier to tighten the preload versus loosen it. Too tighten, I stand/sit on the left side and press on the notches with a long screwdriver using my left hand, then grab and twist the spring with my right hand while putting pressure in the screwdriver too make sure that it turns. To loosen no need to use the screwdriver, just turn it with your hands!


Steve T

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