01 XR650R any differances from 2007

are these unchanged like the L models

Petty much unchanged. You have bold new graphics, a countershaft seal and clutch bushing, updated about 2003.

Affirmative. However, my CS seal has never leaked on my '00 650R, and it won't leak if you don't overfill your oil and keep your crankcase vent from being pinched. I changed my clutch bushing, but it showed no signs of wear. It's best to simply not leave the bike in gear with the clutch in for long periods. Either way, these are things to watch for on early models, and both are CHEAP and EASY to fix.

Basically, if you can get a good deal on an early model, jump at it.

As far as I have heard the 06-07 are the same just that 07 might be the last year for the 650R. I have a friend that works for honda R and D and he says the there is a big push to make a lighter magic E button open class bike he did not tell me what cc they are working on only that it is smaller with the same or more power to the ground.



'07 is the last year for our beloved 650R. The rumor (with a wink from a Honda rep) is a 700cc fuelie is being tested. I was told at the 2006 Honda update school that EVERY thing (bike and ATV) will be fuel injected by 2010 (the emissions thing).

If you think about it, a 700 would economically viable for Honda. I am sure that it would also find its way into a TRX to compete head to head with Yamaha's 700efi Raptor. A dual application engine would make much sense for the corporate bottom line.

All I hope for is that Honda does not build the new bike with a perimeter frame ala CRFR/X. As tall as that engine would be, an big fuel tank would have to hold fuel in the shrouds (aka KTM 525MXC or the huge IMS CRF tanks) and those are just way too big.

My favorite thread topic!!! "What's going to replace our beloved XR650R?" I love it!!

My vote was and is: a destroked brp, probably 550-575cc, scaled-up CRF frame, usd forks, blah-blah-blah. Redlines at around 11k (the first model-year). Stock hp to the ground of maybe 48-52.

Actually, the engine will probably NOT have any commonality with the current brp, to allow stroking it later, without losing too much rev potential. Also, a factory e-start will no doubt change the layout as well.

E-start is a given. A DS version is logical probability. And a SM version maybe the second year.

It will be a very nice platform. But it won't be the "BRP".

That's okay. I got mine.

why would they want to replace the BRP :thumbsup: .Johnny campbell will not be happy. the 650R was basicly designed and built for him as the baja bike. it is the king of the desert after all. and even tho its no longer being made will the honda teams still use it in baja? well this is another good reason to keep mine goin :lame:

As far as I have heard the 06-07 are the same just that 07 might be the last year for the 650R. I have a friend that works for honda R and D and he says the there is a big push to make a lighter magic E button open class bike he did not tell me what cc they are working on only that it is smaller with the same or more power to the ground.



Oh you must be talking about the.... wait for it.

CRF600X :thumbsup:

When will we split this forum?????

why 600? 650 is obviouly bigger. and for the less observant folk they would assioate a crf 650 witht he xr

No question that the XR650R has been wildly successful in Baja / desert racing. No question Johnny Campbell is a master of his trade (and my personal hero). I've lost track of the Saturday nights I've stayed watch and re-watching Dust To Glory. No question we are all pssionate about our XR650R's.

It is a true testimony to Honda's design genius that an essentially unchanged 7-year old bike is still without equal in the Baja 1000. But time marches on.

Will Honda'a A and B teams still race with the 650R once a relacement comes out? Doubtful. Would do much for the new bike's PR. Will privateer teams race the 650R after a replacement comes out? Probably for years to come.

Today, we are riding a legend, and its still in production! Won the Baja 1000 seven years in a row. But Honda knows in their gut it won't last. They know they got to raise the bar.

They will. Soon. They have to.

Like you said: "all the more reason to hang on to mine."

Ride safe.

"Why 600 (or 550) and not 650? Good question. I may be totally off on my assumptions but seems to me that to get a lighter, more powerful (and equally reliable!!) Open-classer, they got to destroke it and go higher revs.

Personally I don't like the idea of high revs, given the reliablity and maintenance headaches Honda has had with its motocross 250/450's. It just seems that getting a 650cc R to reliably rev higher and produce more power they would need to beef up the engine case, adding weight.

Maybe not. Lotsa you guys are running 680's and I am not hearing a lot of reliability issues coming out.

Who knows what Honda is going to do? One thing for sure: they cannot stand still.

Ride safe.

One thing to look at in the grand scheme of things, WE all think that the 650R is the best bike ever made (and it most definitely is!), but from a financial standpoint for Honda it is not.

When was the last time you had to rebuild your 650?

Have you had to replace your head (ala a disposable CRF R/X)?

I have had a full HRC motor in my 2001 for 4 1/2 years. I felt guilty last year and put in new rings. I finally put in new valves and recut my seats three months ago. It has gone through 2 complete Nat'l H&H series ('02 open am champ), SIDRA races in Idaho, and many Vet Pro MX races. This doesn't mention 200 miles per week of trail rides and VERY high speed D/S. Did I mention I'm 6'4" and 250+ lbs? If it can be broken, I'm the guy (I broke the frame on my 2000 650R after 5 months -- Honda warranteed the frame).

Honda built a bike that was TOO GOOD (for them)! You never have to buy parts, other than chains and rear tires, that are not crash related.

As a manufacturer you want a product that everyone wants, yet they still need to come into the dealership to get service and parts. You make more money that way. CRF's have nowhere near the reliability that a 650R has, yet they are still loved and snatched up like hotcakes. My dealer laughs like a loon when CRF's go out the door, 'cuz he knows they'll be back (he rides a 650R too).


As much as I love my 650R, when the replacement shows up (and it will), I will be the first in line at my dealership. I just won't get rid of my 650R. It'll be retired to "casual" trail riding and D/S to enjoy its later years in life!

I'll stick my neck out now and say that if, and that's a big if, Honda acually builds another open class bike they DON"T PUT IT IN A PERIMETER FRAME. I agree that the 07 650R is the last model year but now I'm not so sure we are going to see any replacement.

I have the 250x and raced the 450x for awhile as well. I can live with the perimeter frame on small 4 strokes like the 250, but I couldn't stand it on the 450x, which is among one of the many reasons why I launched the 450x after riding it for 5 months.

I will also be the guy who says that USD forks are overrated for off road. I really really hope that Honda doesn't *** things up even more and kill the 650R and offer some open class engine wedged in a MX bike chassis. That would really, really, really, suck... ...really

As for the perimeter frame, I agree!

If the perimeter frame would have worked on a big stroker, the Kawasaki KLX 650R would not have died so fast (tiny tank, small rads, etc...). You can't package a long stroke motor into the peremeter frame properly, and still have decent capacity and room for the larger radiators required.

As for the forks, I went USD because I was tired of getting rubber marks on my headpipe (I had an SRC brace also). It was a huge improvement!

I think that Honda may be coming out of it's conservative funk. Witness the CRF150R. When has Honda been the first to drop something "out-of-the-box" new in the offroad world lately (until now)? Let's all hope that they are going to be taking the lead (instead of Yamaha) in pushing the four-stroke envelope.

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