Leaky Rear Brake Caliper/Piston

My rear caliper appears to be leaking. I'm noticing it around the brake piston.

1)Do I replace the dust seal and seal or is there a simple trick I can try?

FYI, not sure if it was a coincidence but I road 150 miles with my wheel/axle not lined up. I noticed this when I got home. Just a coincidence that my piston started leaking?

Any idea's?

Any chance the misaligned rotor generated excessive heat which is causing the leak?

I'm hoping if I clean up the piston and realign the tire, the problem with remedy itself.

What's the likelihood of that?

I cleaned up the caliper and can see a seal pushing out the side of the piston.

Has anyone replaced these seals before. It seems pretty straight forward in the manual. Any thing to be aware of or special tools necessary?


For those that are interested.

I replaced oil seal, dust seal and piston.

The manual suggests bleeding complete system of brake fluid. I didn't.

I removed caliper, pulled the piston out by hand, cleaned the inside of caliper with brake cleaner and reassembled with new parts.

The seals looked good to the eye but I did find a metal shaving in the caliper. Maybe that's what caused the leak.

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