I need a longer shift lever for a XR650R

Like it says,

I need a longer shift lever for a XR650R.

I have size 14 boot and it forces me to rotate the shift lever to a notch

higher than stock, in order to fit the boot under it..... the problem now is that I have

to lift my foot off the peg to downshift. In other words, the shifter tip now

is higher than the peg hight.... this sucks.

I know I'm not the only one to have this issue, so what have you all done

about it?

or.... where do I get a lever thats at least an inch longer than stock and

who makes it?


PS. I did search... lots of complaints - no solutions :thumbsup:

thanks, they look pretty trick too. :thumbsup:

I wear 13~14 size boots & installed the Hammerhead tip on my 650R. Little pricey, but does the job. :thumbsup:

cool thanks for the input.... looks like it might be the only route to choose.

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