Pro Taper P-3 Top Clamps / 06 YZ450

Hey all, I am looking at putting some ProTaper P-3 Top clamps on my 06 YZ450F. says it has 5 forward/backward positions: -6, 0, 6, 12, 18. Are these adjustments from center or from the stock position?

Does anyone have these clamps on their 06? Any comments? Do the rubber mounts help or hurt?



I have them on my 06...mainly b/c they prevent twisting of the bars/bar mounts when you fall down - i had a string of stupid easy falls where i had to undo the bars and clamps to get everything straight again. Im happy with them and there is a slight reduction in vibration which is cool. Not sure how they are adjusted vs stock, I have mine all the way forward and find it to be very comfortable.

I have a set as well and think they work for me nicely.

Definately opens up the cockpit

Do not care for the dampened version

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