Maintenance Question: KYB Forks

i bought an 06 yz450 last january and love it. however, since i am morbidly obese and the suspension is finally broke-in, i felt that it was time to upgrade to some heavy duty truck springs (at least). :grin:

my question is this: is it possible to change the fork springs without having to remove/replace the oil and oil seals?

on my 99 yz400 (the older style forks) i used to be able to do it no problem. i had acquired all the special little tools of the trade and all that, but now it seems i need to go buy some more tools. :thumbsup: i already bought a motion-pro "fork cap wrench", but it doesn't fit. neat-o.

so i want to know who makes a fork cap wrench that WILL work, and what other tools will i need (if any). i'd like to be able to rebuild my own forks completely (i used to be able to with the older forks). what other tools are absolutely necessary?

anyways, thanks in advance.

no, most of the oil has to come out, once you see what the oil looks like i'm sure that you are gonna want to change it anyway. after 3 rides my 06's fork oil looked like chocolate milk. plus the springs are in the lower part of the fork and you have to turn the fork upside down with the cap off to get at the springs. we just dumped the oil into a ratio rite to make sure we got the right amount back in since it was our first time opening these forks up. the cap wrench that my buddy uses on his 05 honda worked perfect,as did most of his fork tools. get some new oil, 2 quarts at the most. i don't think that doing both of mine even used 2/3rds of a quart. i also had to put in some big springs(i weigh 330) if you jump stuff you'll really appreciate the stiffer springs, even though the 06 forks are excellent.

I did it on my 2001 yz426 with out dumping to oil but I guess the 06 forks are different

I dunno why you would need a fork cap wrench I just used a 19mm socket and ratchet but I am no expert

I got the springs in no problem and just sitting on the bike I can tell it is way better I cant wait to ride it but the dumb thing wont run right

the forks are totally different than the 01,02,03,04, don't know about the 05's, but i'm pretty sure that they are the same as the older models.. the 06 twin chamber forks don't use a 19mm on top. plus the fork spring in an 01 is in the top part of the fork not the bottom. the 06 fork has to be pretty much taken apart, you are only like 2 steps away from doing fork seals when you get to the springs. still didn't take that long and wasnt very difficult. but if you haven't done the twin chamber forks before i wouldn't recomend trying it on your own, i was lucky to have a friend that has done quite a bit of work on the twin chamber forks on his honda.he made it look pretty simple.

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