XL650 vs XR650 Differences, Are They That Much? Looking for info.

Honda should not have called the 650R an XR. they should have just called it a CRF-X (even though it doesn't have electric start). as far as everyones differences ... "The tool you use depends on the job your doing and how fast YOU want to get it done"...

Yea, I thought so too but then got to thinking, if I was a small kid it's cooler to say you have a CRF, just like daddies bike.

Your right marketing is everything.

...Why try to be nice to your spouse, nothing you ever do is good enough, right?:excuseme:


You've met her?


I suppose in the desert or on open ground the performance difference might matter but be honest with yourself: how good a rider are you?

I'm willing to bet that 90% of the riders on this board couldn't go faster on the 650R then the 650L because their abilities as a rider lag behind the advantages built into the R model. I can admit it. Johnney Campbell would kick my :crazy: on an CRF 150 because he has talent. I learned racing sportbikes that I could go faster on my 600 then on a 1000 with 40-50 more hp because the missing quantity is rider talent.

I run my XR 650L with the stock can, (slight re-jetting as it comes way too lean) running single track, powerlines and logging trails and logging roads. I went for a 3 hour ride today and was at max throttle less then 5% of the time. This included some nasty hill climbs. I don't need more hp.

Maybe Johnny Campbell needs an extra 10hp but you probably don't. To me it's laughable that guys worry about a pipe. Why?????The thing is a fat pig no matter what you do, so if you want lighter buy a 400. A good pipe might pick up maybe 5hp, piss off every hiker you come across and we wonder why the eco-weenies are out to shut us out of the back country. Take your money by tires, gas, insurance and ride the thing.

It's as silly as the Harley guys. People we're talking about an air-cooled single cylinder motorcyle!!! :applause: Lastly aren't you running on the street? Even off-road you have to hold back somewhat due to ATV riders, logging trucks, hikers what have you. There's only so fast you can go safely anywhere.

Your a big guy the L would fit you, no problems with the DMV or cops, seems like a no-brainer to me.

Right on dude. You pretty much just pushed me over the edge. I wil be getting am L. I already have a singletrack bike. I need a fing tank.:D

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