Need advice on tanks before I buy one!!!

I have a 99 wr400 with a 4 gallon desert tank and a YZ seat set up. Its great for weekend runs or long trips but I want to get a smaller tank for day trips to loose some of the weight. Does anyone know if the Clarke YZ tank will fit my WR frame. I know they make a WR tank but the purpose here is to buy a small tank so I want the YZ tank. I know you have to buy a seat to use with their tanks but I plan on doing this anyway cause my IMS CEET is made of rocks it seems. Its got to be the hardest seat ive ever sat on. So I plan on upgrading the seat also but need to know if their YZ tank will work on my WR. I have to use the clarke tank cause my bikes solid black and they are the only ones I can order a black tank from. Can anyone help with a for sure on this one. P.S. Any advice on a very soft YZ aftermarket seat??? Thanks in advance "cheers"

i have a stock 05 wr450 tank that i dont need and am selling. if it fits ur bike i will sell it to u for like 75 bucks let me know.


Thanks for the offer glenn but I need a YZ tank not the WR one and I'm pretty sure the 05's wouldnt fit the 99's anyway. But thanks for the offer!!!!!! "cheers"

anyone know if the YZ tank will fit the WR???

It will fit no problem. Used to have a YZ seat and tank on my '01 WR426 which had the same stock tank as the WR400. Will make a huge improvement in the handling. It used to be a popular swap. Do a search.

Thats what I like to hear... Thanks bro!!! :cheer:

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