My new wr400 :(

after years of thumper envy i finally graduated from a yz 125 to a 1999 wr400. Got her yesterday, finally mastered starting the beast (could kick her over the 1st or second kick every time) rode her down the street to my friends house started it there once for him. Then we worked on his bike (very little were both complete newbs) then it started once backfired and will not start at all no matter what i do. I dont know how to clean the carb, and know very little. I had planned on going tomorrow, but i cannot for the life of me kick her over i put new gas in. But im just totally baffled it ran beautifully to my friends house now this im going CRAZY !!!!! PLEASE any info that could help i would love

Thanks in advance all


Where do you live, Nate?

Change the spark plug.

Thanks for the tip (in the process now) boy is it a freakin PAIN to change the plug on this thing !!!! Also is the large recess that the plug sits into supposed to be a little rusty ???? I hope so thanks for the help guys


Thanks again for the help, put a new plug in (boy what a hassle) and she fired right up ! But if anyone in my area (san diego) has this bike or its brothers id love to get togeather so i can learn a little more about the beast. Thanks all


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