YZ450F Oil Filter drain bolt stripping

Has anyone had a problem with the bottom bolt on the oil filter cover stripping out? I change the oil every 3 rides and it seems like this bolt is losing threads each time I remvoe and replace it.

Yeah...pretty common problem. Do a search and you should find plenty of info. I usually put my bike on its left side when I change the oil filter so oil does not drain through the bottom hole in the oil filter housing. What happens is crude drains through the bottom hole and messes up the threads.

I run a tap through mine each time to clean out the threads before I re-assemble after an oil filter change. It takes a minute and the bolt goes in much smoother.

That's a pretty common problem. My 250f stripped out so I drilled it out and put a heli-coil in. It's held up great after numerous oil changes and a year's worth of racing.

nope no problems

change oil every other ride

wipe journel clean

no issues

Metal particles build up here (see the little hole - that is not your friend)and over time destroy the threads. I clean the hole out each oil change with contact/carb cleaner...if the bolt goes right in great, otherwise take a tap to it to clean out the burrs...Also helps when replacing the cover - tighten bottom first then the top right/left 8mm :thumbsup:

I have fixed destroyed - with a timesert with great results :lame:


The use of the lower, Allen head filter cover bolt as a drain for the filter well is something I recommend against for two reasons. Three, actually. First, it doesn't work very well, and oil will spill out of the filter well even after you "drain" it. Second, the sequence it out of order. If you are going to drain a bunch of metal laden oil from the filter cavity into the crankcase, shouldn't you do that BEFORE you drain the crankcase? Third, using the lower bolt as a drain runs the afore mentioned metal chips into the threads of the hole the bolt lives in. That causes wear and damage to the bolt and the case cover on reassembly. I recommend taking the lower oil filter cover bolt out last, and just draining the filter well out the open end, messy or not.

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