why does this happen to my 426

why does my 426 drip oil from the black hose from the head it drips a lot it drips a lot when i stop maybe a size of a fifty cent its a 01 it dose this all the time an hr of riding or 10 Min's it is killing me in adding oil all the time thanks for your help in advance :thumbsup:

That's an overflow. It might be that you've got too much oil in there to begin with and it'll keep doing that as you add more each time.

yes mine did the same thing untill I found out you gotta start your bike before checking your oil

so start it and check it and it will probably be good and you are probably just dumping too much oil in

it is common to see a little there and by what you have said you are fine

do i hAVE to keep it running when checking or just run it and kill it then check it

no, the manual states you start the bike upright for 2-3minutes low revs stop it then check the oil level. do not screw the dip stick in all the way just sit it on top. I was like you when I bought my 01 426 lukily I have a manual otherwise I would have overfilled it to buggery. good luck

Dude oil coming out doesnt mean you overfilled it. It just means your cams are spinning really fast and the mist the comes off of them slowly works it's way down the breather hose. Also you dont have to add any oil to confiscate for it, it just looks like a lot because dust sticks to oil.

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