XR600R CS sprocket problem...

I just changed the gearing around on my bike (1995 XR600R) from 14/48 to 15/45. With the 15 in the front, the cover that goes over the cs sprocket (I have no idea at all what that part is called) interferes with the chain, preventing it from moving at all. Everything is perfect if I take that part off, but I'd rather not, just in case the bike decides to throw the chain (I don't how what the chance is of that happening, but I'd rather not take the risk).

Any ideas?


I have seen the case savers in different sizes for some bikes.

i'll try to post a pic of my 98 with the XROnly 15T casesaver installed. right now i have the 14 T back on, but it works great with the 15T


You are better off to have a guide there, though many people have had no problems with it removed.

The picture that gnfreak posted here looks pretty sick!! :thumbsup:

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