Please help me fix a small clicking noise in my front end.

I have a small clicking noise when I compress my front forks. Its not very loud and it doesnt happen every time I push on them either. I know its not anything internal because the suspension guy I took it to said that it was just something loose in the clamps. What is this and how do I fix it?

One other thing. There are two little rubber semicircles on the left side of the motor. On my bike one of them has caved in slightly. Is this a problem?

I am riding and '03 YZ450F

It is most likely the front rotor. The floating design is actually a 2-peice rotor and they will make noise if you hold in the front brake and try to compress the forks.

Yep its your front rotor getting loose. Its not a big deal but you will hear it click.

Check your steering bearings too.


Is it just getting lose from the hub? I have held the brakes and compressed the forks many many times before without any clicking.

To check and see if it is the brake, push the bike up against a wall without using the brake, compress the fork. Does it still click? If yes, it is something else, if no it is the floating rotor. It is probably not loose on the hub though I would check the bolts anyway. It is the buttons holding the rotor to mounting flange just wearing in to some extent. What did the suspension guy think it was in the clamps?

yeah the suspension guy thought it was in this bolt just above the steering head bearings but it has started to come back so I dont know.

I had an odd front end clicking/rattle sound on my 04' that took me a while to figure out ... My front number plate had somehow come out of the two alignment points where it mounts at the bottom to the fender ... Don't know how it happened as the darn thing was still bolted in place nice and tight, but they were definately both out of the holes ...

I say rotor as well. My Suzuki drove me nuts until I remembered it had a floating rotor on it. :applause:

Yeah mine did that it was the steering bearings loose, and the front brake rotor still slops around a little.

on the issue of the rubber semi circles on the head caving in I would say its a problem if dirt can get in. I would check it out and make sure that no dirt can get in. If it can it is simple to take the valve cover off and reposition them....and worth the effort in my opinion.

...Suzuki ...
Gesundheit. :applause:

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