Thunder Alley exhaust

Anyone go with this exhaust. I was gonna buy a used w/b system but it was sold. I have heard some good things about these guys but it was always on old bikes like the 400's and 426's. I wanna hear about the 450 gains.

I think mostly what bothers me is that they are a small company.

If I shouldnt get these guys what is the best brand of slip on exhaust for the best price. (Nowhere above 330) Doesnt fmf sell theirs for 299? It says in dirt rider.

If you call around im sure you could get a White Brothers E2 for around 300-330. That is what im running and its very cool and productive. It has a spark arrestor on it and it is able to change end caps for different types of riding.

I use one of thier head pipes on my 01 yz426 and its great!!!

It would be my 2nd choice to spend the $$$ after a decomp cam..

Great guys to deal with.

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