CHM Ovate p-4r exhaust?

Just wondering if anybody has run one of these systems on a 03-05 YZF 450? I have heard they work great on the CRF, but haven't heard about the yamahas. I am also curious about the overall fit/finish of the system.

Thanks for any info.

Ok well nobody else responded so I'll tell you what I know. Where I'm from they are popular on both Yamahas and Hondas. I hear lots of good things power-wise. The fit and finish is obviously very good upon inspection, but I can't vouch for their looks if you're into that too.

Is CHM the only brand your intrested in?

Yeah, don't limit yourself before you shop around a little. Check out my garage to see a picture of my Rocket Exhaust. Damn good pipe, cheap. :thumbsup:

CHM isn't the only brand I'm interested in, but I can get a sweet deal on a complete system.

BTW offthewall, that IS an awsome looking pipe. :thumbsup: Who sells Rocket?

Well, I ordered the CHM. Complete system from head to tail, brand new, for $239US. Should be here in a couple weeks!!

As of now, only Rocket sells Rocket. Ironic no? :thumbsup:

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