baja check list

Heading down to baja next week end with a group of forty or so( pre 1000 )fun ride . Can you add to this list.I,m sure I am over looking the obvious, Thanks


bike registration

truck reg.

insurance truck cert.

tools for bike

cell phone

Helicopter ins.

4mill toobs


06 WR450

the oil in your bike changed

Spare clutch lever, and front brake lever, and get a spare shifter lever too! Duct tape them together, then ty-wrap them to the frame somewhere out of the way. If you're're gonna need them. If they're affixed to the frame, you won't have to walk back to the start point to get 'em! A few pre-oiled air filters are good to have too. Of course, you've probably got a good hydration system too, right? Hmmmm...matches would have been nice too, the last time I broke down in the boonies, miles from nowhere, and had to spend the night...

Iwill change the oil in your bike don,t worrie :thumbsup:

sweet i'll be down there as well pre running the san vicente 200 :thumbsup:

make sure your head light works and cary zip ties...that's the one thing i use the most.

send me an email at and I'll send you the list we worked off of for our Feb ride. I concur with one of the other posts...the one thing we didn't bring enough of was zip ties!

Jealous Jealous Jealous up here in MN...bring back pics!!!

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