Repair Manual

I checked the search page and didn't seem to find the answer to. Who makes the best repair manual, or which seems to have the best info on maintanance and repair??

CLYMER, hands down. you can get one at your local dealer for about $25 or out of a catalog (i.e. dennis kirk/ chaparral)

hope this eases your repair woes. :)

Spend the money and get one from Yamaha. No other manual will be as complete.


I agree. Get the Yamaha manual. Clymer (or Haynes) are way too vague in key areas compared to the factory manual.

Yeah, I think Yamaha is light years ahead of others (like Honda) on the "Owner's Manual". It is basically a model specific repair manual and is very detailed and accurate with respect to diagrams, specs, etc. My brother's XR came with a cheesy "pamphlet" like the ones you get with a new car. You know, the ones you briefly thumb through to figure out how to turn on the radio and then abandon in your glove box for the rest of eternity.

Yamaha Manual ...No Doubt...I've Got both...Yamaha hands down. :)

Bonzai :D

:) Yep gotta agrre with Kaze and everyone else, I've made a point of buying the Genuine manual for every bike I've owned and the depth and accuracy of information is well worth the extra cost.


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