TT member Internal Cobustion - His electrical wiring job !

Hey you guys, I was up at IC's house today checking out his NICE :thumbsup::lame::p 01 motard 650R because I had never really seen one (especially one like this) up close.

We spent hours just talking bike talk about the R, his wifes 230 CRF (that's cool too!!) and a few other of his (and hers) toys.

I was really impressed with the electrical wiring job (nice brackets and key ignition set up too) he devised in back of the headlight assembly. He made up a whole new wiring diagram for it too. There is more to describe but I don't want to steal the show.

All his nice work is hidden behind here. Come on IC, lets see it!

This was no 2,3,4 hour job and I think he said he had at least 80 hours in total (doing the work & thinking it thru) into the project.

That was my favorite part of the whole bike. Everything is so neat and perfect and well thought out you just got to see it so I'm hoping he takes a pic or two to share with others on here.

I can't believe he didn't show you guys yet because if it was me I would have posted it the day I was done with it.

He's the type guy that it seems no matter how well he has done something, there is somehow, on some things, room for improvement possibly but I don't see how because it sure looks great to me. To me his work gets a A+ and I'm glad I met him. :bonk:

I'm hoping he reads this and post some pictures so stay tuned.

BTW...........If he ever sells it, I get 1st dibs on it!!! (:eek: hopefully)

Huffa2, you're too kind. Glad you liked the R. A labor of love, if ever there was one.

Will try to post updated elec pics in My Garage sometime this week.

Ride safe, all.

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