colored spokes anyone seen any?

I am in the process of blacking out my L model, am looking at black rims and hubs would like to have black spokes too, thought about powder coating but the durability worries me. Have seen some green ones on atricked out Kawasaki, but have no idea where to look, any one have any ideas?

Thanks Huffa, I have a local powder coater, Tallahassee powdercoating, They have done a frame and skidplate for me, I just dont know how it would hold up, plus I would worry about it peeling from the threaded end, Thought since I wanted black there would hopefully be other options, to turn stainless a black color, you know how a stainless header blues, something similar and more durable,(than powder coat) I was hoping someone knew of some sort of heat treatment process that would turn them black. Ideas and links appreciated.

What about black nickel plating, thats the closest I can think of, who? where?

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