CO/UT boys...1/4 San Rafael Swells trip

For anyone that's interested in joining, a few of us are heading out to the San Rafael Swells area in Utah (just northwest of Moab) the weekend of 1/4 - 1/6. In case of bad weather, the backup weekend is the following one...1/11 - 1/13.

Never been there...but word on the street is that it's pretty awesome...and a nice alternative to Moab/Fruita. Probably about a 5 1/2 hour drive from Denver (where we'll be leaving from).

Let me know if there's any interest. Worst case (bad weather), we still go and break out the fly rods...lots of good water between here and there! :)

No one interested?!?! Guys, the skiing sucks in CO right now...Vail's seeding the clouds and stealing Summit County snow...and it's generally way too cold for trout to rise for a dry fly. The obvious alternative is to go ride at a new place in Utah... :)

Same weekend...probably a 3 day-er...Thurs 1/3 - Sun 1/6...

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