Aluminum tank for YZ???

OK, I've decided to go the carbon fiber route. I found a carbon/kevlar mix that is blue and black. I'm researching on what materials I need to do it. Rest assured that I will post the results. I'll be sure to take pictures, and make a list of materials I used, just in case you want to give it a go.

Wish me luck!!

I thought maybe he REALLy wanted to go retro! :thumbsup:


Does anyone know if you can make parts out of heavy duty fiberglass fabric in the way that you can with carbon fiber fabric? If so, how strong would it be compared to a carbon fiber one?

So have you seen this thread?

Fixing graphics with carbon fibre

Yeah I've seen it.....:cheers:

I started it!:p

Yeah, that's the lower cost option I opted for after the sticker shock of the alloy tank!!


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