600R backfiring problem...HELP

Hey everybody, I picked up a 1987 XR600R about a month ago, it runs, but it always backfires when I rev it up, it sounds horrible and when I took it out for a ride, it seems to lack acceleration, also the exhaust gets red hot in just a few minutes of running.

can someone help me out as to where to start looking for the problem, could it be timing, valves or what???

the bike currently has a supertrapp muffler on it with 6 discs

also the kickstarter kicks back really hard every couple kicks

any help would be greatly appreciated.

From your description, sounds like it is running lean. Pull the carb, check for proper jetting and/or crud plugging the jets.

yea, I would agree. Sounds very lean, pull the plug and look at the electrode. If its white, its way to lean, should be light brown or tan. Black is too rich.

As far as the kick backs, that could be normal 4-stroke stuff that maybe your not used to yet.

If the carbs look OK, have your stator checked out.

o.k. I will definitely check the carbs(dual) I haven't had them apart yet and who knows the last time the were apart or cleaned, does anybody know the air screw specs and also is the any special adjustment for the dual carbs as far as synchronizing or tuning? thanks

I will post my progress after I clean the carbs

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