1999 YZ 400f

I'm looking at buying this bike and i was wondering what the pro's and cons of the bike are and what should i look for when i go to look at the bike in person. i know the guy who owns it and he takes great care of it and keeps it well maintained. so i guess i was wondering what the pro's and cons are. thanks for your input.


btw- he's asking $2,000 for it.



Good price (if it's in decent shape)


Heavy (compared to newer four strokes)

Complicated starting procedure (an upgrade to the YZ450 cam give you auto decompression, eliminating this con)

Graphics on tank area yellow, and peel off

I guess it depends on what your going to be using the bike for. I have the same bike that I've converted to a street legal supermoto. Perfect for this application.

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