I just bought this 650R on ebay

this bike looks stock I going pick it up this week will it need madatory tuneing like I have done to my 650L

any desnorkeling or smog pump ? carb work? I bet these come jetted pretty good from factory . do they?

You did OK..Look's like New.. Great choice.... :thumbsup:

I would say you did VERY good. That is a great price for a 650R in that condition. If it is 100% stock, you have quite a bit to do it.

Replace the rubber intake manifold between carb and cylinder head with fully open one.

Pull the airbox restrictors, and yank out 3 of the 4 screens in the backfire screen.

UNI Filter X 2

Drill exhaust tip or buy HRC tip.

Rejet, 65s or 68s pilot, 172 or 175 main, stock or HRC needle on 3rd or 4th clip.

Real important stuff...

Disassemble, clean and grease steering head, swingarm, linkage and upper shock bearings.

Replace the clutch bushing with the newly updated part, VERY IMPORTANT.

Keep an eye on the counter shaft seal behind the front sprocket (it shouldn't leak unless you blow it out from over filling the oil).

BUY A HONDA SERVICE MANUAL, it will be your best friend.

Good luck.

Looks really clean, good price the only other one I've seen around here was also an '01 for $3500...you didn't even give the 'L' a chance :thumbsup:

Oh well, given your street rides power and your riding history the 650R should suit you better...keep us posted on the ability to get a plate here in VA....


pgiinc, you did good.

Do the various "uncorking" and maintenance bits that snaggleXR650 listed, the uncorked R is something to behold. When you uncork it, pay particular attention to the carb setup he lists. A happy carb is a happy bike is a happy rider.

Also check the nut that holds your kick-start lever on. If it is loose, pull it off, blue-locktite it and re-torque it. They're a hundred bucks, trust me, I know...

Oil level is checked with the engine warm, just shut down. For your first oil change (or the second, if you can't wait) spend $15 and get the BillyWho ManFunnel. It makes an oil change much less messy.

When you're done with the maintenance, enjoy!

Ride safe.

Replace the clutch bushing with the newly updated part, VERY IMPORTANT.

Snaggle, is there a simple way to tell which clutch bushing my bike has?



I got a frame for my bike out of WV. You can get the title converted over to being a street legal title in that state. This was as of 2005. I did it and I am now riding mine on the street with a PA plate. A bit of paperwork but well worth it. Have fun, Tony

He says he just got a West Va title when it was traded in I was asking him about the title weather it was an offf road one or not he did not know only that it was on his desk.

guess i will ahve to wait and see what it says, I am taking it to Va

Mike I am not done with the 650L I see which one I like best

is there a (Dave's Mod) certain Mod for this bike with insturctions?

He says he just got a West Va title when it was traded in I was asking him about the title whether it was an offf road one or not he did not know only that it was on his desk. I am taking it to Va.

I street-titled my XR650R in VA. Doesn't matter what his title says, it will probably be "off-road", that's okay.

1. BEFORE you try to title it in VA, install your dual sport kit and then get the bike inspected. I think all VA requires is a rearview mirror and brake lights, here's the requirements by state

2. Don't take it to a dealer to get it inspected, they'll most likely get techie on you. After I had already installed my slick UFO Oregon integrated headlight / turnsignal assembly, the Honda dealer told me it was not DOT-legal, and "suggested" I take the bike to a neighborhood inspection station that can do bikes (not all stations can inspect bikes in VA). They're GENERALLY much more lenient / less knowledgeable about bike requirements.

Note: your bike will not have a license plate on it so either take your chances and ride to a close-by inspection station, or to be legal, throw it in the back of a truck or trailer and haul it...

Note 2: I cannot verify that VA requires a brakelight switch on both front and rear brakes, I just have it on the rear. Just in case the guy asked me to test the front brake switch, I kept my hand on the lever and my right foot on the rear lever and was going to "cleverly" depress both at the same time... he didn't ask.

3. Once you get that precious little inspection slip, give thanks, hug it to your breast and take it and your WV title to the VA DMV. Tell them your bike is street-equipped and give them the inspection slip and WV title. They should issue the street title right then. Did for me.

Good luck!

does this bike need a smog block of kit?

Only if it's a California model, check behind radiator (I think that's where it is, someone else on here will know exact location) if nothing there, it's not a California model. :thumbsup:

well the intake looks fully open to me and I dont see and air box restricters

I am taking the carb apart know to see what jets are in it

The spark arrestor is out nothining in the muffler

I ordered a new one from honda

Just check the carb it has 68S/175 main jet

I did rip all but one screen out of the backfire plate it had all in it and one dirty ass filter

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