need help xr650l wiring diag. for my cr500 'tard

I already have my 650r done as a motard on the street. Now is where I need someone's help. I'm also putting my motard cr500 on the street. I need to wire this thing up for dc voltage. I have a 2001 xr650L reg/rect. that I want to use. I'm just too cheap to buy a whole other manual to look up a little wiring. I'd really appreciate it if someone would email me the wiring diagrams for an '01 650L. Thanks

dude check out 4 - they have both models

What lighting coil are you running on the 500? I ask because the 650L rec/reg is designed for a 3-phase output and I don't believe there are any aftermarket 3-phase lighting coils for the 500. E-line & Electrosport's stators for the 500 are both single phase. I'm not saying the 650L rec/reg absolutely won't work but you might be better off with an aftermarket single-phase rec/reg from Baja Designs or Trailtech.

I see, i've never done this before so I don't really know what's the best plan of attack.

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