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My wife is going to get me a riding jacket for Christmas. Any suggestions? I am looking for on to wear when the ambient temp is less than 40f and and the snow is flying. Does anyone have any experience/thoughts on the MSR ISDE Gore-Tex that Donelson cycle has on closeout for $119


Buy the ISDE Gore-tex. It's the best jacket I've seen (and own).


I own the ISDE jacket and love it...however, if I where to buy one jacket I would buy the light weight MSR Gore-Tex jacket MSR makes. Sorry, the name skipped my mind. In the vast majority of circumstances the light weight jacket is plenty. Seldom have I needed to keep warm as much as I wanted to keep the rain and mud off me.

Good Luck!

Mr T

Layer up and get a jacket like the Thor (no model name on it). It has breather zip running from mid arm to the waist. I wear a thermal mountain biking sweater uderneath and regulate my heat with the vents. I have never owned a better designed jacked.

I can only vouch for the Fox Enduro jacket. Plenty of pockets, zippered sleves, and vents. I normally wear an EVS padded jersy that fits underneath nicely. It's not goretex, but seems to keep me dry.



I have a Teknic jacket. I think it was designed for dual sporting. Reasonably waterproof, lots of pockets, removable back and elbow pads and a removable liner. My only complaint is that it is too warm if the temperature is over 10 C. With the liner in it will keep you warm below freezing temperatures long after your feet, hands etc. are numb. I recommend it for street riding or in the dirt when it is really cold.

Better jump on it. I called last Thurday and all they had was medium and large. For $119 you can't go wrong.


Cobra, I bought the ISDE for $119 and love the jacket for extremely cold and rainy days. I just used it during Thanksgiving weekend in gnarly rain and stayed dry while my buddies were soaked in lesser Enduro jackets. I am also going to purchase the MSR Gore-Tex Pak Jak($179) for days that are not as cold. The Pak Jak can fold into a much smaller space for easy tool pack storage as well as keep you dry if you hit rain. Goodluck, Eric

I think the lightweight MSR is called the lightning. I have one and love it, but it is too darn hot for me even when it is below freezing out. Once I get riding hard it gets real hot real fast.

I like my moose XCR jacket way more than the gortex MSR. It is a little cold at first, but once you get going its just right. Just my opinion.


My Moose XCR kept me dry in the same rain as BB above. Driving rain in 30-40mph gusting winds in SoCal desert. Very cold and wet hands, legs, face, and even feet. But everything under the jacket was dry. Great price on ISDE, though. If you can't find your size in ISDE, almost any gore tex or equivalent jacket will do as long as you can open some vents somewhere.

I stumbled across a killer deal on a used Joe Rocket Reflex jacket. Check out http://www.joerocket.com/reflex_jacket.htm for photos and more details. This is hands down, the best jacket I've ever worn while riding a motorcycle of any kind. I would say it's worth the $170 price tag if your doing any riding in really crappy weather. My first ride with it was this year's LA-Barstow-Vegas dual sport ride where the temps ranged from ~35 to ~65F and we had a steady hard rain mixed with a little sleet for the last 2+ hours of the ride on day two. I stayed warm (never too hot) and dry for the entire ~450 mile ride. This jacket has the following features:

1) Built-in elbow-forearm pads/guards. These are more heavy duty than the token pads most jerseys and jackets have sewn into them.

2) A similar built-in back pad/guard. I think they call these "dual density body armor" which is not an over exaggeration of what these pads feel like.

3) A removable vest secured to the jacket shell with high quality easy to operate zippers.

4) Zippered vent openings on the arms and across the back. What's cool about this, is the zippered openings are covered with a flap that uses two sets of Velcro placements to keep the flap shut or held open and out of the way so the vents are not blocked when you want to use them.

5) Adjustable Velcro wrist openings.

6) Velcro belts to adjust fit around the torso.

7) Heavy-duty shread-proof material on the shoulders and arms.

8) The collar is designed so it doesn't flap around or chafe your neck and fits right up to the bottom of your helmet.

9) All of the openings and pockets are zippered and have flaps that are secured with either snaps and/or Velcro making it wind and water proof.

10) The form/cut is tailored specifically for a motorcyclist's posture while sitting on the bike and it doesn't seem to get uncomfortable when standing on the pegs for long periods of time.

My 2¢

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