The 07's are in....

And do they look nice, especially the white/silver sided seat combo.


Comes stock with the pro tapers, of course, wave rotors and some light duty radiator guards.


My friends, not mine. Got a couple laps and noticed it has a longer spread of torque on the bottom end - I won't say more power, just torquier. Probably due to the exhaust - nice and quiet and a little more restrictive. Nice to see a manufacturer make things quieter from year to year instead of louder with all the niose issues.

The forks feel better than the 06's too, but they aren't broken in yet so we will see. And it definitely turns better - you could almost call it twitchy ( in a good way) if you you get lazy and don't pick your line. THe front wheel wants to turn when you start leaning the bike, and that is a good thing.

Maybe it's finally time to get sell the 2 stroke :thumbsup:

Thanks for posting the pics.I hope i get the call for mine when it arrives.I think i'm still going to order some radiator guards for it.Those look flimsy!

im thinkin i shoulda ordered a white one not a blue... :thumbsup:

I hate this time of year, everybody is getting new bikes.... :thumbsup:

SCHWEET. know where they're at and/or how much?

Looks good, I personally don't like the white look, but maybe in real life I bet it looks much better. Those are the rad guards? Pfft, don't look like much protection to me, but what can you expect from stock eh? Have fun with it.

I hate this time of year, everybody is getting new bikes.... :lame:

i know, i'm jealous :thumbsup:

i know, i'm jealous :thumbsup:

I wasn't last year, but this year I'am cause I get no new bike for awhile...heh.

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