Throttle Cable Question...

My throttle cable has freys on it and it sticking when I open the throttle. I checked at the local Yamaha shop and they say 2-3 days to get a new one in. Anyone have any ideas how to remove the freys in the cable so I can still ride until the new cable arrives?

You'll never clean it up, just install the new one. Don't take that chance with an old cable, stuck WOT is no fun. :thumbsup:

Motion Pro makes a good set of cables and you will save money. Try local shops or order from TT store or Rocky Mountain. probably same wait time.

You can trim the wires by unraveling them trim with good cutters then rewind them back in you will need to be very car full when installing the cable set if you bend them too tight they blossom like flowers and you start over. The first strand that get loose balls up and you get a stuck throttle (don't ask me how I know)

I think DonSJMC calls this "Welfare Racing"

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