04 yz 450 oil problems?

Hello there, i have a question about the 04 yz 450. i am looking at trading my kx 250 for it but am having second thoughts. I was talking to someone at the track and the said that yamaha wanted to make the bike lighter to compete with hondas weight that the frame/oil tank is quite thin and can crack easily. and the guy that told me this said it had happened to him and someone he knew. what are some opinions on this ordeal? any input would be greatly appreciated

I guess anything can happen, but I haven't heard of any issues with cracking the frames. Don't worry about it, Yamaha makes a really good bike and they don't have common problems like the other brands do.

I have an 03 I bought used. When I got it, it had a couple leaks in the frame. It wasnt from tube metal fatigue it cracked at the welds. It's wasnt a big deal really. I stripped the bike down anyway as soon as I got it home. I took it to a friends shop and had him tig weld it. Fixed the leaks and hasnt been a issue since.

I've heard of it, never seen it. Usually, it only happens to bikes with a lot of big air time on them. It's also simple to repair, as the frame is steel, and any competent TIG or MIG operator should be able to fix it if it ever did crack.

alright, thanks a lot, i was just curious about it, doesnt sound like too bad of a problem. thanks again

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