Inventory reduction sale

If anyone is interested I am selling my enclosed trailer due to my wifes pregnancy. It is a 1995 Interstate that is 7' X 12' and has the extra tall option(it is almost 7' tall). It has a 3500lb axle with electric brakes and the break away option. It is painted bright yellow inside and has black and white checkerboard flooring. It has a ramp door in the rear and a front side door. It has two of the folding bike shoes premanantely maounted in the floor( These are very nice. It has a folding table mounted to the passsenger inside of the trailer that is great. It has 3 glass front cabinets mounted to the walls. It has a powered roof vent that is lighted. I also installed a cover so you can leave the vent open even in the rain and stay dry. We have had as many as 6 full size WR's and XR's in it at once. I spent a bunch of time and money setting this thing up and it is great. I am asking $3400 for it. George 217/726-5494

Get some photo's of it out here and I'll bet it goes pretty quick. That's not a bad price. If I didn't already have a 17 Footer, I'd buy it...

Good Lick...

Bonzai :)

Thanks, I'll try to take some pictures before it gets dark tonight and can e-mail them to anyone who would like.


George, if it will help, e-mail me the pictures ( and I will post them here for you. It sounds like a nice setup & I would like to see it. :)

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