Longivity of 650R engine

Anybody have a 650R with a lot of miles on it. I'm wanting to buy a 2001 with 2500mi on it. Honda service required every 600mi. What about the Nikasil ling vs. steel? I don't want to have a maintenance head-ache.

That things not even broken in yet!

The bike will run fine for years and many many thousands of miles with very minimal maintenance.

Nikasil is actually superior to steel. The thing steel has going for it, is it's easy to overbore. Not so with Nikasil.

If you leave the engine stock and don't ride like you are racing, I'd expect a lot of miles. Measured in the tens of thousands. High compression pistons and aggressive cams will reduce longevity. The 650R engine isn't like the 450 motocross engines, it's built to last.

On SuperMotoJunkie, Skully25 tells about a Dutch guy that wanted to see how long his XRR would last with as little maintenance as possible. Skully says the guy ran it for 32000 km (19,890 miles), changed oil twice, filters once and never adjusted the valves in that whole time.

In the end his crank bearings gave in and the whole engine went south. But managing to do almost 20,000 miles on two oil changes and zero valve maintenance suggests a robust engine design.

Yeah, its a story, who knows if its true, but still...

Ride safe.

over 8000 miles on mine. Changed oil every 600 or so, adjusted valves 3 times, clean air filter every so often, and grease/change applicable bearings. Running very strong. 2500 is low milage, especially if some of it has been road or easy trail.

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